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Welding High-strength Oily Glue

Welding High-strength Oily Glue

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1. Waterproof, impact proof, shockproof and high temperature resistant.
2. Glue can be used for bonding ceramics, glass, rubber, plastic, metal, wood, jade, crafts, leather, various shoes, polyethylene and other plastic products.
3. Glue is not hard, brittle, soft and strong.
4. Net content: 30/50ml
5. Curing Time: 7s

Method of use:

1. Open the cover and use it.
2, don't squeeze the side of the bottle to avoid a lot of glue coming out.
3. Ensure that the adhesive part remains dry, clean.
4. Apply a small amount of glue to the adhesive surface, align and firm to provide a certain thickness and strength.

Package includes:

1pc x Super waterproof adhesive


1. Be careful dripping into eyes or mouth.
2. Keep out of reach of children to avoid danger.
3. Pay attention to the cement on the skin of the finger.
4. Don't eat it.

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